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Application Development

Innovative Practices in Modern Application Development

SSL Wireless has been developing cutting-edge applications, software, and solutions for a wide range of industries for the last 14 years.

Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

Our expert team of mobile application developers is ready to develop apps for Android & iOS platforms to meet our clients’ business requirements.

E-Commerce Sites

Chronologically patronizing our end-to-end eCommerce caliber, we affirm holistic solutions gratifying the ever-changing business demands of our customers.

Payment Applications

Being Bangladesh’s first converged payment solution conglomerate, our tailor-made fintech solutions aid local and global merchants in their sectors.

Marketplace Solutions

A leading provider of custom marketplaces, our top-of-the-notch technology and enablement capabilities empower tradesmen to perform their business with ease.

Web Design & Development

We understand that a website is the genome of any business today and we validate it with our stellar 360-degree web solutions that aim to disrupt the market status quo.

Web-based Applications

We have a wide range of experience in developing various web-based applications to enable businesses to automate and generate reports backed by the smart articulation of measurable data.

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